Elsa Dixon Piano Teacher


1 Fees payable

Fees are calculated monthly according to the number of planned lessons and are payable monthly in advance.

Materials fee: $30 initially, then individual materials as necessary.

2 Canceled lessons

Please note that you commit to the time-slot allocated to your child(ren.) 

Please keep in mind that I cannot fill that time-slot ad hoc.

There is NO credit for absences & cancellations. If notice is given 24 hours in advance, I will make up the lesson. Otherwise, depending on the circumstances, I will see if the lesson can be made up.

However, in the event of your child becoming sick or a lengthy absence ensues, I will make allowances considering each individual case.

You will receive credit when the teacher cancels a lesson. If possible, the lesson will be rescheduled.

A month’s notice is necessary to terminate lessons altogether.

3 Fees

Fees are as follows:

30-minute lesson: $35 ($30 for siblings)

40-minute lesson: $50 ($40 for siblings)

45-minute lesson: $55 ($45 for siblings)

60-minute lesson: $65 ($60 for siblings)

4 Achievement Day and RCM Examinations

My students who qualify, participate in South Carolina’s Achievement Day in March, as well as the Royal Conservatory of Music examinations during the year. For more details, please see my website Scroll down on the homepage (below the pink strip) and you will find the links.

5 Recitals

I arrange a recital once a year. I am looking into YouTube video performances to be shared on my website.

6 Getting to know the teacher 

6.1 My Travels

As most of you know, I visit my children living in Niagara Falls, New Brunswick, London, and Zurich, and family in South Africa. I also run a small custom tour company during school holidays and sometimes an extra week or two I will give you notice in advance if it affects the lessons.

6.2 My publications

Check out my website for my blogs, links to my publications (travel articles and two books under my maiden name Elsa van der Byl)

Hippos, Hotspots, and Homelands is available on Amazon and on this website.