Here are some of the questions prospective students have when thinking about taking piano lessons. If your question is not here, feel free to contact me for an answer. 

Is four years old too young to start with formal piano lessons?
Yes. When I take a student as young as that, I make it quite clear that I teach basic skills and readiness activities, not formal piano lessons.  I usually start children at five or six years old. I also recommend teaching young children in small groups.

What do you teach young children?
I encourage young children to develop basic music skills and a love for music, to explore musical concepts, the keyboard and piano technique, laying the foundation for future learning.

As an adult, am I too old to start with piano lessons?
The answer is absolutely ‘no’! If you are committed to practice and study, you will learn and enjoy the piano. Adults with no previous experience can quickly master the foundations of music and play easy classics within the first year or two of study.

What materials do you use?
I use several excellent piano methods and then supplement them with other materials geared toward the student’s age, experience, unique situation and specific learning style. In addition to the piano method book, the student will study music theory, technique,performance skills and a variety of types of music.

Is it very difficult to learn to play the piano?
As long as concepts are introduced at regular intervals and in a systematic way, building on skills acquired, you will find learning to play the piano an enjoyable experience and have the satisfaction of seeing your progress.

How long should a piano lesson be?
Most piano lessons are thirty minutes long and we meet once per week throughout the year. Young beginners do better starting off with 20 minute lessons, while more advanced students take hour-long lessons.

Do I need a piano to practice on?
You would need a piano or a keyboard to practice so that you can improve your skills. Regular practice is essential in order to progress.

Can I use a keyboard for piano lessons?
A smaller keyboard is sufficient for beginner students, but as a student progress, a full-sized keyboard with piano touch or piano will be essential.

How do I know what to practice?
I make notes in your notebook during the lesson. Review these notes when you practice at home. Also see Guidelines to practicing.

How much practice is needed to play the piano?
A young beginning student should practice at least fifteen minutes a day, five days a week. An adult student who is just starting should practice at least thirty minutes a day, five days a week. Regular practice will ensure that students internalize the skills he or she learned in earlier lessons and thereby make progress.

What about vacations and other interruptions in lessons?
Vacations are a normal part of everyone’s schedule, including my own schedule, so short absences during the year are not a problem. If students want lessons during the summer break and I am unavailable, I can recommend someone to give holiday lessons.

For those students who may need to take an extended absence, taking lessons by computer is a very popular way to continue making progress. All you need is a laptop or tablet computer with a camera and we can set up a video link for piano lessons.

Now that I am a piano student with you, how do we begin?
If you are a new student who is transferring from another piano teacher, I will assess your level of study and materials used during the first few lessons. Then, I will make recommendations and develop a program just for you.