2023-24 Achievement Day



 I have been entering students with great success for the last number of years. The children love to receive their blue, red, and white ribbons, and eventually, a trophy!

The Charleston Music Teachers Association sponsors Achievement Day to encourage students to perform at a higher level of musicianship and to support systematic musical growth. An added benefit for the students is the realization that they are part of a large group of young musicians within the Charleston area community.

Performing in Piano, Violin, or Voice, approximately 300 students participate each year. Adjudicated in performance, applied technique, sight reading, and written theory, students earn points in each area and receive a blue, red, or white ribbon based on the total number of points. After several years of accumulating these points, students receive a trophy, the “Crescendo Award.”


The primary purpose of Achievement Day is to encourage and support the systematic musical growth of all students. Other purposes include: enhancement of student motivation; providing goals for students and teachers; having a good preparation tool for the District Auditions; and allowing students to see that they are part of a large musical “family.”

For more information, please see http://cmtachieve.org/achievement-day/achievement-day-overview/