Individual Classes

I  am qualified to teach students of all ages (preschool through adult) and at all levels (beginner through advanced).

Young children (4 – 5 years old) enjoy exploring musical concepts, the keyboard and piano technique, laying the foundation for future learning. Depending on the concentration span and developmental level of the child, I usually recommend a 20 minute lesson.

From 5 years and older, lessons can vary in length from 20 minutes to an hour. Depending on the student’s age, interests, personality and learning style, I use a variety of piano method books, sometimes more than one at a time, as well as supplemental material. Theoretical knowledge is an integral part of learning to play the piano and all students have workbooks, regardless of age. Students have the option to simply ‘play for fun’, but I encourage them to participate in piano recitals and set goals such as entering for the South Carolina Achievement Day  or Music Development Program assessments.

I encourage adults regardless of whether they have had previous training to reach their musical goals. It may be playing for enjoyment only, aiming for performance standards or simply brushing up their skills. Every lesson will be tailored to fulfill the needs of each individual student.

Registration for Piano Lessons 

effective as of 2023



  • Online (only to students 10+ years and adults)
  • In Person at Elsa’s home (all ages)

NOTE: Students pay extra for materials.


  1. Piano lessons (Individual in-person) 
    1. 30-minute lesson: $35 ($30 Siblings)
    2. 40-minutes lesson: $45 ($40 for Siblings)
    3. 60-minutes lesson: $65
  2. Theory of Music
    1. Fees available upon request NOTE: My regular piano students do not need to enroll for this course. Theory is included in the piano lessons.

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