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    Travels With Elsa arranges your journey to meet your exact wants and needs.

    She plans all aspects of the adventure, based on the preferences of the travelers. and personally accompanies each small group of six to nine persons throughout the journey.

    From Southern Africa to South America to Australia and New Zealand,

    She arranges the entire itinerary, length of time, travel arrangements, and cost with her group's needs and desires in mind.

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    From enchanting memoirs, biographies and music books, Elsa has amassed an eclectic collection of books, articles and travel pieces.

    As a travel writer, Elsa is published in numerous travel magazines where her vivid descriptions of places, people and things are both insightful, helpful and witty.

    Her recent books tell of her days as during apatheid and reconcilation and her adventures living in a game reserve in South Africa.

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    A music educator for 30 years, Elsa has taught piano in public and private schools in the USA & South Africa.

    Elsa Dixon Ph.d is a former principal of two preschools and of a teacher training college for a number of years in S. Africa before coming to the USA. She was a music educator at Ashley Hall in Charleston for over ten years.

    She also wrote and published three music books for young children.

    Since 2021, Elsa teaches private students in her studio on Daniel Island.

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