About Travels with Elsa

Travels With Elsa offers a totally unique experience in world travel.

Elsa  arranges small group tours to your exact wants and needs. With care, she helps you plan the amazing adventure of your dreams, considering your requested destination, the number of persons in your group, and your budget.

She takes into account destinations, costs and the personalities of the travelers. Then each tour is planned accordingly with an emphasis on meaningful local experiences and the special needs of each person.

She handles all details from managing airport connections, car rentals to reaching destinations that often frustrate most tourists.

Welcome to Elsa’s brother, Johan van der Byl (and his wife Lina)!Johan van der Byl

TravelswithElsa is pleased to announce that Johan has agreed to be my regional representative in Africa. In fact, I already made use of his services in the past, but now I am making it official.

Johan and Lina both grew up in Cape Town, and, interestingly were sweethearts from primary school days! Johan is a retired teacher, lecturer, and pet shop owner, while Lina is a retired nursing sister.

As seasoned travelers, they have explored South Africa in depth, especially the game parks. Johan is also an avid photographer. Johan is also the distributor of my books in South Africa. I look forward to this continued association.

Finally, the vacation of your dreams comes true.