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Elsa the Author

Elsa is the author of two books published under her maiden name, Elsa van der Byl.

Her book publications (Elsa van der Byl) include:

  • PIET wat POMPIES was (MalanMedia, 2019, in Afrikaans) and
  • Hippos, Hotspots, and Homelands (MalanMedia, 2021, in English)

To read more about her books, Click HERE

She also published (Elsa Dixon) three music books:

  1. Recorder for Beginners (Perskor 1989)
  2. Blokfluit vir Beginners (Perskor 1989)
  3. Theory for Beginners/Teorie vir Beginners (Perskor 1989)

Elsa is a travel writer and professional photographer who regularly contributes to magazines and blogging sites.