Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM)

The Royal Conservatory of Music provides an excellent standard of achievement for music students.

(The program is also referred to as The Music Development Program in America and the Celebration Series in Canada.)

  • Students work through levels of repertoire, etudes, scales and sight reading books, and at the end of the year, play for an adjudicator. 
  • This person will listen to the students play, and test their technical proficiency according to a national standard. 
  • The adjudicators are extensively trained, and come from Canada, or elsewhere in the United States.
  • This contributes to the cost of the exam, but helps to maintain the national standard.
  • The pieces are written by well-known composers
  • The technical requirements (scales and music theory) meet or exceed the South Carolina Music Teachers Association Standards. 
Ashley Hall Girls School serves as a testing center in Charleston, South Carolina.