Tips for Buying Your First Piano or Keyboard

Of course, a traditional piano is always preferable to a digital instrument, but it is an expensive investment, and people don’t always have the space for the instrument.

Also, parents are not always sure whether the child will continue with lessons.

Here are some of my suggestions:

  •  It is advisable to buy a new piano since one has the manufacturer’s warranty, but one can pick up a good used piano. Be careful that all the piano keys play and that the instrument has been regularly tuned.
  • A good choice for beginners, however, would be a digital piano (between $500 to $4000) or a budget-friendly keyboard. It offers additional sound features that a student may enjoy. One can also regulate the volume or use earphones to control the noise level.
  • I recommend buying a keyboard with an 88-key range. Make sure that it has weighted keys with action like on a real piano. Add an adjustable stand and a pedal to connect to the keyboard.