The magic of growing mushrooms!

The magic of growing mushrooms!

MushroomsSeptember 3, 2020

I found an excellent alternative to touring during this pandemic – tripping on mushrooms!

Now, not that kind of tripping! Tripping as going on a journey exploring the world of mushrooms.

My friend, Donna, asked me to be a copywriter for a website she was creating. She was launching GREENBOX FAMILY FARM MUSHROOMS, selling kits for people to grow their own mushrooms. Well, not knowing anything about growing mushrooms in your own home, farmer Sam sent me a complimentary box to see what it was all about. Imagine growing your own mushrooms on recycled coffee grounds from a box!

Well, then the fun started!

The instructions were dead simple: Remove the rectangular shape at the front of the box, cut an X through the plastic, and spritz with water twice daily.

I watched that box like a hawk but had to wait 4 days before I saw some activity. Although I wasn’t sure what I was growing when strange shapes started appearing in the box, my excitement grew daily.

And then, suddenly! The box sprouted mushrooms. I was thrilled to harvest my very first batch!

I grew them. I cooked them. Then I ate them.

My project grew, and so did my mushroom farming. I learned that we would be selling five types of mushrooms. My first box contained Golden Oyster mushrooms, and now I had Pink Oyster mushrooms to tend to as well. I could not wait to see how they turned out. The Pink Oysters did not disappoint – they were so beautiful that I did not want to cook them! Both boxes have since yielded 3 harvests, and they are still going strong!

What a great gift to give someone – the gift that keeps on giving! Of course, the beautifully fresh, homegrown mushrooms deserved gourmet recipes, so I set out adapting recipes to my taste, trying them out and photographing them for the website.

I am not a mycologist, but I have since learned an awful lot, no, let me rephrase that, a delightful lot about mushrooms.

Since the kits are not only geared for fun and foodies, I set about writing curricula for homeschoolers and schools who may want to use the kits. The website contains easy to follow learning programs, stories, activities, and recipes for kids, ideal for the homeschoolers!

I can’t wait to try the other mushrooms – exotic names such as Grey Dove, Summer White, Italian, and PoHu. Instead of potted plants, my kitchen counter is now dedicated to boxes of homegrown mushrooms. Having more than one box ensures me of a constant supply! Not only do the mushrooms look and taste good, but they are also rich in the B Vitamins – they have excellent health benefits, good for the heart, digestion, and healthy skin!

So, I am tripping on a new, healthy and exciting new venture – time to spritz!

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