Scrapbooking: Travel back in time

Scrapbooking: Travel back in time

One of the most satisfying hobbies I started pursuing after moving to the United States was 'scrapbooking.' I had always been fond of taking pictures and making photo albums, but scrapbooking was 'making memories on steroids.' My friend, Jane Moreland, introduced me to the Queen of scrapbooking, Donna Porter, who promoted Creative Memories then. A whole new world opened up, and Donna was my leading light! I could crop photos to my heart's desire, arrange them artistically, enhance the page with stickers and embellishments, and add page descriptions.

Since I was enthralled to be in the United States and everything was new, there was much to photograph and write about. I traveled at every opportunity and aimed to visit every State in the country. I have nearly achieved that goal - only North and South Dakota left.

As some may know, my next book, From the Lowveld to the Lowcountry, focuses on coming to the States from South Africa and how I experienced my adopted country - coping with cultural differences, enjoying what America had to offer, and eventually gaining citizenship. At the same time, I am planning a follow-up book relating to my travel adventures: Boomers, Baggage, and Backpacks.





Well, my scrapbooks provide me with a wealth of information and details. They also jog my memory regarding long-forgotten experiences, like the first meal at the Cracker Barrel! I reconnect with old friends, enjoy the wonders of settling in a new country again, and relive all my travels and escapades.

It also inspires topics for my travel writing, and I have consulted some entries to write about personal experiences.



There is an anonymous quote in my book: "Find three hobbies you love: One to make you money, one to keep you in shape, and one to be creative." That is a worthy goal: music is making me some money; swimming and stretching in the hot tub hopefully keeps me in shape.  Although a passion for writing has replaced my scrapbooking, my scrapbooks still inspire me and allow me to travel back in time.




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