June 21, 2021 Hippos, Hotspots, and Homelands: Book launch successful! We have lift-off!

June 21, 2021 Hippos, Hotspots, and Homelands: Book launch successful! We have lift-off!

Amazon New Release

Hippos, Hotspots, and Homelands Elsa Dixon

Amazon New Release! What a week this has been. The book launch for Hippos, Hotspots, and Homelands, was very successful. I still maintain the #1 spot in new releases for Historical African Biographies and am doing well in a few other categories. Was #1 in 3 or 4 for 4 days running, but dropped the ball on the 5th day. Ugh! Thank you so much for all the support out there by all my friends on social media and in real life! It is much appreciated.

Official Launch
The official launch for Hippos, Hotspots, and Homelands Tuesday on 15 June at the Daniel’s Landing Clubhouse was such a fun evening! About 20 people turned up, some of them old friends and colleagues, and quite a few new friends as well.

Thank you, Donna Powell, for your help in setting it up and bringing a lovely platter of eats and donuts.

Julie O’Day, for taking photos, and Margie Jewell for assisting with pouring the South African wines. Check Julie O’Day on iTunes for more of her songs.

Elsa Dixon reads from Hippos, Hotspots, and Homelands book launchI put on a dress with an African print, fit for the event. It was a really special feeling signing the books people bought – once again, thank you to all!


I read three short extracts from Hippos, Hotspots, and Homelands which people found quite entertaining.









To round off the evening, five friends and colleagues who all taught or are still teaching at Ashley Hall Girls School took me out for dinner at the local Vespa Artisan Pizzeria and Fine Dining.

The Original Daniel Island Book Club

Elsa Dixon at launch party Hippos, Hotspots, and HomelandsThe Original Daniel Island Book Club has been in existence since the early 2000s, established by Joan Marchetti. It was my privilege to have the ladies over for a book discussion, South African wines, beef curry, and bobotie. I donned my other dress with an African print for the occasion. We had a fine time and a lively discussion.

What’s next?

I have a few engagements coming up – another book club meeting, and an article in the Daniel Island News.

Also, Julie is busy recording me reading Hippos, Hotspots, and Homelands, and we hope to turn it into an audiobook soon. Watch this space!

SUMMARY: Hippos, Hotspots, and Homelands by Elsa van der Byl is on Amazon as a paperback, Kindle edition, and Audiobook. Hippos, Hotspots, and Homelands:  is a memoir of an educator working in different homelands in South Africa, during and after Apartheid. It tells of political turmoil, cultural differences, and adventures living in remote places and game-reserves.

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