History on a beer bottle: Kwade Wouter (Evil Wouter) 

History on a beer bottle: Kwade Wouter (Evil Wouter) 

Kwade Wouter, Brouwerij Egmond


According to the story on the beer bottle produced by Brouwerij Egmond: In 1205, Kwade Wouter had every right to be annoyed with Abbot Frans in service of Count Holland of Egmond. Frans commandeered 300 men to storm Graaf Wouter’s property to kill him. The two men had been at odds about land issues. However, Wouter got wind of this and called up his men to withstand the attack. Subsequently, Wouter attacked the abbey, setting Count Holland’s mills and stables on fire.



Brouwerij Egmond, Egmond aan de Hoef, The Netherlands

Count Holland retaliated by capturing and incarcerating Graaf Wouter in the dungeon at Heemstra. The four brothers (one subsequently honored as Jan Bijl) rescued him from a possible death sentence. Graaf Wouter proceeded to strengthen the defenses of his castle. He died on 13 September 1208.

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