Continuing the Writing Journey…My Next Book

Continuing the Writing Journey…My Next Book

From The Lowveld to The Lowcountry – Elsa van der Byl

“It is so hot that even the Africans are fainting.”-Trevor Noah

I stepped out of the door of the air-conditioned airline terminal into the oppressing heat and humidity of Atlanta, Georgia.

I gasped for air and thought, is this America? What was I thinking? An uneasy weight settled in the pit of my stomach as I stumbled along, sweating heavily. I quietly shook my head. Did I leave Africa for this? …….

If you would like a copy of the first chapter of my new book From the Lowveld to the Lowcountry, please email me at

This is a follow-up on my first memoir Hippos, Hotspots, and Homelands.

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