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Thank you Elsa!

When first planning my bucket-list adventure, I told Elsa I wanted to “Feel and touch Africa.”

Because of my advanced age, I wanted a certain pace that suited me and preferred to go off the typical tourist route.

Elsa provided me with the three most glorious weeks of my life. She was able to whip me through airports and show me an Africa few tourists get to see. Her fluency in several languages made transitions flawless.

As we visited many cities and sites over 22 days, the process was so smooth, it was like heaven. She handled everything effortlessly, leaving me to be free to feel and love Africa!

Donna P.

Best Trip, Ever!

That was the best trip ever!!!

We had the time of our lives with you… Shelby has labeled you the nicest lady she’s ever met.

She had the desired African adventure with sharks, crocodiles and hippos!

Basil is following events in South Africa and can still not get over the beautiful rest room facilities. He has even developed a taste for wine!


All in the Details!

My recent tour to South Africa with Elsa was a resounding success – Elsa saw to every detail, no matter how minute.

She was an entertaining host, a mine of factual information and personal anecdotes. It is really a pleasure traveling with someone who knows a country so well, and a bonus to meet her friends and family, all hospitable, local people.

She is flexible and takes your personal interest and budgetary concerns into account when she plans your tour.