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King Phillipe
Spain, Portugal and Basque France Adventure 2014

Stuck in parking garage in Madrid?

Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Friday, June 27, 2014

Salamanca was only a few hours away from Madrid, the capital and largest city in Spain and we arrived around noon in fairly heavy traffic. While everyone off-loaded the car and found the hotel entrance on foot, I turned down the steep alley to park the car and nearly got stuck underneath the pole that indicated the height of vehicles that could fit in the parking garage. I am still pretty nervous that we will have to let air out of the tires to get the car out of there.

We bought two-day tickets for the HOHO bus (hop-on hop-off). It is really an excellent way to find one’s feet in a new city while gleaning valuable information as well. Madrid is a beautiful city with lovely buildings, interesting architecture and beautiful sculptures.

What amazes me is how restaurants spring up from nowhere on these huge sidewalks and squares. While having coffee, a couple of people started rolling out huge squares of fake grass and next thing, we had a restaurant on a lawn in front of our hotel. However, it did not belong to our hotel. Waiters scuttle happily across the road from restaurant to open-air tables. We’ve experienced this in more than one city. I noticed this in Barcelona as well: not a sign of a restaurant – heavy roll-down doors cover the exterior, and then suddenly, everything opens up, tables and chairs are carried out on to sidewalks and voila! restaurant ready.

Another landmark on the bus tour?
HoHo Bus, Madrid
Independence Arch
King Phillipe
Palace, Madrid
Palacio San Martin Intur, Madrid
Rona Dalba, Salamanca
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