South America 2018

The underbelly of Buenos Aires

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Dario’s tour took us through several barrios such as the old quarters of San Telmo while we listened to the inside stories about the rivalry between the two soccer teams, the Pigs (working class barrios) and the Chickens (in the more eloquent neighborhoods).

We had a wonderful hour in the La Boca neighborhood, a melting pot of different cultures, admiring the murals, the local art, and the vibrantly colored shanty houses constructed with layered corrugated iron and wooden planks. As we walked along Caminito Street, we encountered tango dancers, heard accordion music, and saw a few couples dancing in costume at the outdoor restaurants.

Our tour route had to be slightly modified because of very heavy traffic and a political demonstration, the latter apparently a daily occurrence. We drove through the elegant tree-lined neighborhoods of Palermo, the area that gave Buenos Aires the nickname ‘Paris of the South’.

Dario dropped us off at the Plaza Juan XX111 town square where we had lunch at the well-renowned La Biela Restaurant at tables under the trees.

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