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Hostal Guadalupe, Torremolinos
Spain, Portugal and Basque France Adventure 2014

Sinfully delightful day on the beach!

Torremolinos, Andalusia, Spain and Canary Islands
Wednesday, July 2, 2014

After a modest continental breakfast at our accommodation, Judy and Herb explored Torremolinos while Maryln and I stretched out on the super comfortable cushioned lounge chairs under the thatched umbrellas on the topless beach just across the road.

It was another beautiful sunny day in Spain and the water beckoned.

The sand on the beach is brownish but soft and the water a comfortable temperature. However, when I tried to get into the waves, the sand changed to small pebbles under my feet, very hard to balance on and the water plunged suddenly from shallow to deep. The surf was also a little rough, so I had a very short dip!

We managed to raise ourselves for a leisurely lunch of scrumptious provolone cheese fried in olive oil and spices (like a Swiss raclette), followed by a hot fish seafood soup !

. Back to the beach for siesta! At 7:30pm the beach cushions were being gathered up, so we had to move! We sat down for a drink outdoors at our hotel.

I nearly choked on my tea when the customer near me at the little boutique dropped his pants to try on different shorts on sale. This was not considered strange – his friends and the shop assistant guided him through the lengthy process with animated discussion while we tried to look the other way.

That evening we were determined to have the huge meat kebabs that the ‘chiringuitos’ barbequed to perfection! Our restaurant was right on the beach – beautiful setting, beautiful weather!

Hostal Guadalupe, Torremolinos
Lunch: cheese appetizer

Elsa swimming at Torremolinos
Restaurant Torremolinos
Chiringuito: Restaurante La Paella
Chiringuito kebabs served
Chiringuito kebab barbeque
Hostal Guadalupe, Torremolinos

Hostal Guadalupe, Torremolinos
Torremolinos beach
Hostal Guadalupe, Torremolinos
Torremolinos: Maryln relaxing
Torremolinos beach

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