South America 2018

On Our Way and Safe Arrival in Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires has been beckoning – tango, polo, meat on skewers, Evita and much more – a 3 week journey through Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Peru. Together with my regular traveling companions, Anne Nietert, Linda Shaughnessy, Maryln Cordle, we met up with newcomers Barbara Snow and Annette Bedford at the crazily busy and big Buenos Aires International airport this morning after a nine and a half hour flight from Atlanta.

We piled into two taxis and had our first glimpse of the city – quite a lot of trees and grass patches at first, then dilapidated, neglected highrise buildings, one after the other, all in different stages of disarray, giving an impression of great poverty on the way to the hotel. The city of Buenos Aires has about 3 million people, while Buenos Aires metropolitan area is home to about 14.5 million people.

Going into town, we started seeing more elegant buildings, and we were happy to finally reach our hotel, centrally located near quite a few attractions. The staff at the comfortable El Conquistador Hotel gave us a very warm welcome -a free glass of wine and a huge discount on a superb lunch. Slightly jet-lagged, we had a restful afternoon, followed by a most confusing dinner at a restaurant one block away! We thought we were ordering a small plate of empanadas, but it turned out to be slices of flat cake made with a bean flour. We’re on a learning curve!

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