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It’s all Greek to me! The trip that I’ve always wanted to do….

  • It’s all Greek to me! The trip that I’ve always wanted to do….

Only a few more nights, and then my friend, Anne Nietert, and I will be on our way to Greece – the first stop will be Athens where we will be staying in the Monastiraki area. On our second day, we are off on a coach tour to discover some of Greece’s ancient treasures, such as the Parthenon with its friezes and archaeological exhibits, the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum. There is simply so much history to absorb! Imagine seeing the Panathenaic Stadium, the stage of the first modern Olympic Games. And maybe, we can catch a glimpse of the Evzone guards on Constitution Square, dressed in the traditional Greek style.

Then, next, we are off to Mykonos, the picturesque island of windmills. I am really looking forward to the dinner we booked at a local Greek Restaurant, run in a house (‘Spiti) by its convivial owners whose aim it is to introduce guests to authentic folk traditions, culture, and food, and share their everyday lifestyle. And, apparently, one has to try a gyro in Mykonos, one of the cheapest and most popular street foods in Greece – lamb or beef are roasted vertically, shaved, stuffed into a pita, and covered with onions, tomatoes, and tzatziki.

We next catch the ferry to Naxos, a Greek island in the South Aegean. As one approach, the large marble gate, Portara, dominating the harbor, should be an impressive sight. This 7th century BC construction is the only remnant of the temple dedicated to Apollo. According to mythology, Naxos is the place where Zeus was raised. We also want to visit the Archeological Museum of Naxos, housed in a well-maintained Venetian building,  and located in Chora Naxos, the heart of the island. We would love to find a village where they still wear traditional dress.

Our last few days will be spent on Santorini, with its famous caldera, beautiful sunsets, and volcanic views. The island is also known for its long black beaches. We have booked a visit to Symposium, formerly a winery, and now a venue where musical presentations are held. The tour explores the history and architecture of the former winery, and then present an ‘interactive musical journey using mythological narration and fifteen hand-crafted wind and string instruments,’ demonstrated by a musical expert, Yannis Pantazis. Well, in anticipation of our tour and the lovely wines waiting for us, I say ‘Yiamas!’ (To our health!)