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In the Alps!

Flag of Switzerland  , Swiss Alps,
Monday, June 9, 2014

What a wonderful sight to wake up to in the morning: the snow-covered peaks, the valley covered with green grass, charming Swiss chalets and beautiful sunshine. Nichola and Rhys brought me to Klosters, 25 miles from the Austrian border for a two-day visit. Their apartment at the chalet is on the third floor, giving us a wonderful view of the mountain peaks, Gotschnagrat and Gatschiefespitz, as well as the valley below and the surrounding chalets. We arrived yesterday, had lunch at Fellini (I had fish from the lake) and then went for a swim at the Badi. I am having a wonderful time with the grandchildren and learned to play a new ‘speedier’ version of Monopoly, called Monopoly Empire.

Badi at Klosters
Fellini restaurant, Klosters
View from our chalet
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