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Music theater across the road
Spain, Portugal and Basque France Adventure 2014

First day of the tour!

Flag of Spain  Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Friday, June 13, 2014

What a start to the day! I tried for hours to get hold of the shuttle company. Herb
and Judy arrived at the hotel after waiting around at the airport for the
others to arrive. Maryln arrived about an hour later, her plane having been
delayed for an hour and a half.

The hotel is situated in the Eixample district, in close proximity to
quite a few landmarks. After a bit of a rest, we took the taxi to the Museum of
Catalan History. What an amazing museum – very well laid out and established.
We had a most interesting lunch on the rooftop – the menu of the day included
three courses and a glass of wine at a very reasonable price. The view across
the harbor is fantastic.

Maryln and I strolled down to the Columbus Monument and the port area, redeveloped for
the 1992 Olympics and then up the tree-lined Ramblas avenue where a charming
waiter lured us in to have dinner at the Tapa Apta restaurant. Judy and Herb
sauntered back to the hotel and had dinner at a nearby sidewalk neighborhood restaurant.

There was a huge block party on our street and we fell asleep with a fullblast band
and firecrackers going off!

Music theater across the road
rooftop restaurant on top of the Catalan museum
View across the harbor
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