Since embarking on her part-time travel writing career, Elsa is a regular contributor to several travel magazines, including the luxury online travel magazine Links and Libations, the Luxury Media The Distillery Channel Magazine- It’s Fun, The restaurant website The Yums, and other publications.

Many of these are free and available online.

September 2019

Confetti Travel Cafe

9 September 2019:Namibia, situated in Southwest Africa, is a land of contrasts; a place where high sand dunes and desert sands meet the blue waters of the Atlantic ocean coast.

June 2019

150  Great Escape Publishing

4 June 2019: New Travel Writers Get Free Entry To Attractions On New England Trip – by Elsa Dixon and Jo-Anne Bowen

June 2019

Travel Post Monthly

4 June 2019: Surviving the Viking Sky- drama at sea – by Elsa Dixon and Debby Harrison


May 2019

Travel SquireTips to Driving in South Africa

18 May 2019: Tips for Driving in South Africa

Treasure Route-Africa Road TripTravelSquire

May 17, 2019: The N12 Treasure Route from Johannesburg to Kimberley: From the City of Gold to the City of Diamonds 

April 2019

The Yums

April 30, 2019 Chilling at Sophie’s Steakhouse in Chelsea, London


Links & Libations

Culture, Cuisine, Chocolate, and Wine at Historic Groot Constantia Estate, p.72



Daniel Island News

Code Echo! Daniel Island resident recalls Viking Sky experience, April 24, 2019.

January 2019

Short Weeks Long Weekends 01.07.2019, Venturing through Vermont – a four day road trip: Part One


Short Weeks, Long Weekends

01.24.2019, Venturing through Vermont – a four day road trip: Part Two

Links & Libations – Lincoln, Links & History at the Luxury Equinox, January, 2019, p.125

Links & Libations – The Hills are alive: From flight of fear to flights of beer, January, 2019, p.52 

December 2018

Links & Libations – Luxury Travel Magazine December 2018 Issue 

p.66 ROVOS Rail: A dream Journey Links & Libations – Luxury Travel Magazine December 2018 Issue from Cape Town to Johannesburg

November 2018

Vibrant African drumming and dancing, Authentic Cuisine and a Sprinkling of Gold Dust at the GOLD Restaurant near Cape Town’s Waterfront 

Links & Libations,  November, 2018, p.73.

Hog, Hock and Hash at Dukes Barbecue Buffet, South Carolina


The Yums,  November, 2018.

October 2018

Roll Out the Barrel- Beer Brewed for Surfers

Links & Libations,  October, 2018, p.106.

Après-ski in the Alps: Kaffee Klatsch Lounge in Klosters

Travel Post Monthly, October, 2018.

On Safari in the Sergengeti Mara, Tanzania, October, 2018.

September 2018

Write Stronger Articles When You Travel In The Right Company


Links & Libations, September 2018, p.61.

Toasting the enemy!

Links & Libations, September 2018, p.61.

July 2018

My Trail is Australia

International Travel News, July, 2018, p.32.

May 2018

Beer Buzz in the Bushveld!

Links & Libations, May 2018, p.50.